Waterscan Chooses COMLog Wireless Data Loggers for Commercial Water Management

Leading UK water management service provider Waterscan has selected the COMLog wireless datalogger from HWM as the ideal product to help them identify and reduce its clients’ water usage inefficiencies.

Waterscan works with companies such as Whitbread, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, BT and New Look to monitor and manage their water consumption – preserving a valuable natural resource, minimising wastage and improving cost efficiencies. With nearly 20 years of experience in water management, the company has tried many different data loggers and logging technologies, and has concluded that the COMLog is the best choice currently available.

Market-leading functionality, features and performance helped the product stand out, with reliable wireless communication a major factor: even where other loggers failed due to poor GSM coverage, COMLog continued to perform with its choice of external antennae and roaming SIM cards noted as especially useful.

In addition to the product’s qualities, Waterscan’s Technical Manager John Larder also noted how impressed the company had been with HWM’s Technical Support services, describing them as: “Excellent, the training session on COMLog last year was great – we were really impressed with HWM’s enthusiasm and professionalism.”

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