COMLog provides businesses, asset managers and service providers with a cost-effective way to manage water and energy consumption,reduce costs and cut carbon emissions.

With more than one hundred thousand dataloggers in operation world wide, FCS is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of GSM/GPRS/3G datalogging solutions for metering in water and energy.


COMLog is compatible with any meter that has a volt-free pulsed output and uses accumulative pulse counting technology to calculate index readings against a known volume. The innovative logger uses the latest integral GPRS/3G technology to provide rapid data transmission at low cost. Low power electronics enable the long battery life to be maintained even with increased transmission rates. The replaceable internal batteries will typically power the device for over five years when data is transmitted every eight hours. Alternatively, external battery packs enable the five year life to be maintained when transmitting data every 15 minutes.

COMLog is also supplied with an external antenna connection that enables the use of a range of specialist antennas to address the most extreme low signal level locations.

The robust system is supplied with many features that are unique in the market which provide real benefit to our customers. These include: Fast logging (to 1 second) for high-level consumption analysis, a range of comprehensive alarms, automatic default to SMS transmission if GPRS/3G coverage fails and ability to upgrade and programme over-the-air ensuring future compatibility without the cost of a site visit

With its tough ABS plastic moulded case, the logger is fully sealed & submersible to IP68

Viewing Data

COMLog is designed to be easily integrated into 3rd party software packages either directly via GPRS/3G to a customer data server, or via API through HWM’s DataGate data transfer and fleet management portal.


key features

  • Highly cost effective and reliable
  • Near real time data at low cost
  • High Flow, Low Flow and Profile Alarms
  • Designed for easy Integration into 3rd Party software applications via Datagate API
  • Omnicoll web viewing package
  • Typical 5 year battery life
  • Range of specialist external antennas available
  • Over the air upgrade, ensuring future compatibility without the cost of a site visit
  • Over the air programming, including alarms, saves the cost of a site visit.
  • Accelerated dial in on alarm
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