IS Log


IS Log is an intrinsically safe, highly versatile data logger designed to be a cost-effective, multi-application solution.

Developed for flexibility, IS Log is compatible with a variety of sensors, including SpillSens, the ATEX certified digital float sensor.

Rugged and compact, IS Log is a long-term, battery powered monitoring solution delivering advanced communication options.



IS Log is compatible with a variety of different sensors including ultrasonic, depth transducers, capacitance and flood alert.  It is the ideal solution for remote monitoring of waste water sites.

This innovative logger uses the latest integral cellular telemetry technology to provide rapid transmission at low cost.

The replaceable internal batteries will typically power the device for five years when data is transmitted every eight hours.

IS Log is also supplied with an external antenna connection that enables the use of a range of specialist antennas to address the most extreme low signal level locations.



  • Intrinsically safe: certified intrinsically safe to ATEX/IEC Ex Zone 0
  • Multi-application: compatible with a wide range of sensors including ultrasonic, depth transducers and flood alert
  • Easy software integration: designed for easy integration into third party software applications via DataGate API
  • Flexible alarm modes: including multiple analogue high/low, state high/low and profile alarms
  • Online data viewing: via DataGate and EnviroView - the multi-utility data monitoring system
  • Low maintenance monitoring: typical 5+ years battery life
  • Wireless programming: units can be programmed and activated locally through the FCS Deployment app.  Changes to transmitting units can be made remotely
  • Responsive: accelerated dial in on alarm
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