The Transmitter from HWM is a cost-effective, easy to deploy, and highly durable wireless RF transmitter that forms part of our Energy Management data collection system. The market leading transmitter is designed to provide consumption data for billing, monitoring and targeting. There are a selection of variations e.g. dual input, ATEX certified versions available.

Once installed, the transmitters count pulses from meter-head or reed switch type output utility meters. The transmitted data can be sent via a Wi5 data hub or other HWM Receiver/Repeaters. The transmit or “Chirp" consists of a secure data packet along with a status and unique ID address at regular intervals (various transmission times available).

Information such as low battery warning is also provided on all variants. Repeaters can be used to extend transmission range by up to 10km

Long Life

HWM transmitters use long-life, liquid lithium cells to achieve a product service life of up to 10 years even in extreme environmental conditions. (rated to IP68).

Remote Viewing

The transmitter can send data directly into customer specific FTP or use HWM-Online service. HWMs secure web based portal collects the received data to be processed and displayed.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Durable, IP68
  • Licensed Frequency
  • 1.25 mile range (LoS)
  • ATEX rated version available
  • Dual input units available
  • Up to 10 year battery life
  • Can be easily integrated into modern and legacy billing systems and/or software


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