Utilities Manager

Utilities Manager

Utilities Manager online monitoring system ensures that any energy consumption from meters dispersed across your portfolio can be viewed quickly and easily.  Using minimal clicks, your data is displayed clearly in graphs, tables and automatically generated reports, supported by a hover function to display meter reads and flow rates at specific times. Achieving sustained reductions in water use and costs requires three elements to work together smoothly;

Our Hardware to reliably and accurately record flows and transmit this to

Our Software monitoring system – that provides clear, concise and comprehensive information that enables

You, the customer – to access information quickly with reporting and analysis tools to help you in your busy role to identify priorities, assess costs and savings and make sound decisions.

Together these elements will help you track, monitor, analyse, report and sustain savings in water usage and costs. Developed over a number of years with the absolute focus on customer needs, our monitoring system enables you to get maximum results from minimum time. Ensuring you can manage risk, reduce costs, and sustain savings.


Utilities Manager online monitoring system ensures that water consumption from meters dispersed across your portfolio can be viewed readily in a manner that enables the user to get to the key information in the shortest amount of time.

  • View the profile graph
  • Compare a profile over different time periods
  • Compare different sites or sub-meter / revenue meter profiles on the same graph
  • View automatically generated reports with a clear summary of key information on one page.
  • Account level summary
  • Site level summary
  • Benchmark comparisons across similar sites
  • Set and monitor against forecasts (consumption and financial)
  • Review alarm reports
  • View account level meter read reports

Our system has been developed in detail to ensure that data integrity is maintained, even if; a meter is exchanged or a logger is changed.

Key Features

  • Report and analysis functions to compare site profiles over time or across different properties
  • Calculation of costs linked to usage and constant flow
  • Benchmark classification and reports to compare your property portfolio in league table format
  • Summary meter read reports to obtain all site meter reads over a defined period with one click – ideal for consolidated billing
  • Automatically generated reports by site, region, or company-wide across weeks, months or quarters
  • Track real time progress against spend and usage forecasts based on actual tariffs for each location
  • System alarm functions
  • Service notes, photographs and document upload for meter, logger and site information

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