Intelligens WW

Intelligens ww

The Intelligens WW is an advanced data logging system which is compatible with multiple sensors including the SonicSens 3 ultrasonic level sensor. The system’s advanced functionality also allows it to be used in-combination with other inputs including pressure/depth sensors and digital float alarms. Intelligens WW has been designed for installation in hazardous areas and is certified ATEX/IEC to Zone 0. Housed in a rugged IP68 enclosure, the unit is ideally suited to monitoring combined sewer overflows (CSO), storm drains, open channels and storage tank levels. It can also be utilised in flood warning systems.

Advantages of ultrasonic measurement include the sensor being non-contact and therefore low maintenance. The unit’s integrated telemetry, robust construction and long battery life means the Intelligens WW is well suited to “fit and forget” applications in remote or hard to access locations.


Easy Installation

Intelligens WW is supplied with user friendly PC based installation and configuration software. Integrated level to flow conversion software allows the operator to easily configure the device to measure flow rates by selecting from a pre-set list of channel types (e.g. V Notch weir) and simply entering the site dimensions.

Improved Visibility

The Intelligens WW system consists of the SonicSens 3 and an ATEX Level 0 telemetry data logger which transmits data from the sensor via GPRS. Two-way connectivity enables the unit to be reprogrammed remotely without the need for expensive site visits. New alarm conditions can trigger an alert to up to 16 specified telephone numbers, and the device can provide accelerated dial-in and sampling functionality during such events to make data rapidly available. This enables operators to respond promptly to changing levels.

The Intelligens data logger is fitted with a 4G or NTIoB modem, with SMS fall-back and user replaceable battery pack allowing for 5+ years data collection and transmission under standard conditions.

An advanced alarm regime can be configured for each channel and threshold conditions can also be set which will trigger faster logging and accelerated data transmission during alarm conditions. Two-way connectivity allows the unit to be reprogrammed remotely without the need for expensive site visits.  For applications which require near real time data updates an external power option is available which allows for 15 minute data transmission frequency.


Key features

  • Serial, pressure/depth, pulse or state recording
  • Intrinsically safe, ATEX/IEC Ex approved (Zone 0)
  • Compatible with the SonicSens 3 Ultrasonic Level Sensor
  • Compatible with 3rd party sensors (i.e. Doppler sensors or level alarms)
  • Compatible with DataGate Data Delivery Systems and HWM-Online Web Viewing Platform
  • Integrated GPRS Telemetry, 3G Telemetry (Optional)
  • External non-corrosive antenna
  • IP68 environmental protection Multiple alarm options
  • Accelerated dial in and alarm sampling 5-year standard battery life, user replaceable
  • Advanced data logging regimes
  • Large Memory Capacity Advanced alarm dial-out regime
  • User replaceable SIM and battery
  • External power supply option
  • Remotely configurable / firmware upgradable
  • Fully Waterproof To IP68
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