Intrinsically-safe wastewater data logger offers GPRS telemetry

The standard Intelligens WW system comprises one or two ultrasonic level sensors with an ATEX Zone 0-certified data logger. The unit’s multi-input functionality means it can also be used in combination with digital pressure or depth sensors, as well as simple level or temperature sensors. Data and alarms are transmitted via GPRS, with an option for SMS backup. A 3G modem variant is also available.

Ultrasonic measurement is non-contact and low maintenance. This quality, allied to robust construction and long battery life, makes the Intelligens WW suitable for ‘fit and forget’ operations in remote or hard-to-access locations.

Two-way connectivity allows the data logger to be remotely reprogrammed, avoiding the need for unscheduled and expensive site visits. Should a new alarm condition arise, the logger triggers an alert which can be sent to multiple recipients. When an alarm event occurs the unit’s accelerated sampling frequency and data transmission options allow the user to monitor and respond to changing conditions with much greater confidence.

The unit’s low-power electronics ensure that the five-year battery life is maintained even after increased transmission rates during alarm conditions are factored in. The internal battery can be supplemented with solar power or external battery packs.

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