New Wastewater Product: SpillSens

For the past 40 years FCS has focused on proactive leak detection, however, in the last decade we have expanded our product line to serve new applications and sectors. 

Our latest product, SpillSens is a simple to install, robust and cost-effective solution for long-term level monitoring in waste water networks.

Build to withstand harsh sewer environments, SpillSens uses digital positioning technology to monitor rising levels in the waste water network. Connected to an advanced data logger with integral telemetry, alert messages are transmitted to a dedicated user portal.

How does SpillSens work?

SpillSens hangs in the sewer chamber, constantly monitoring the tilt angle of the sensor.  When sewer levels rise past a pre-determined level, the contents of the sewer disturb the sensor, causing it to float and the tilt angle to increase.

Each SpillSens sensor is connected to a IS Log, data logger.  When the tilt level reaches a specified angle, the logger uses cellular telemetry to transmit alert messages to SpillGuard, our customized web portal for SpillSens.

Using Google Maps, SpillGuard delivers a detailed map interface which uses color coding to highlight the status of each deployed SpillSens sensor.  SpillGuard is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to assign statuses to each installation, such as “site under investigation” or “alert cleared”.

SpillGuard has a variety of other functions, including access to site statistics and the ability to forward alarm messages via e-mail or SMS.

Efficient sewer flow is critical in avoiding flooding, especially as the climate is changing and rainfall events grow heavier.  SpillSens provides an early warning to potential hazards in sewer networks, helping to avoid flooding caused by blockages.

For more information about SpillSens and the SpillGuard portal, click here.

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