Pegasus 2

The Pegasus 2 is an advanced pressure control system that utilizes our innovative modem (capable of connecting via LTE-M and NBIoT) for reliable and low-powered two-way communication.

With the capability to set target pressure by time, flow or a combination of both (with different table settings per day), Pegasus 2 delivers a sophisticated level of targeted control, even on a time basis.

Pegasus 2 features a secondary channel for fast logging down to 25Hz. This is invaluable for investigating system transient events.

Key Features and Benefits
Telemetry: NBIoT and LTE-M cellular communications available, delivering reliable data transfer

Intelligent pressure control: proven to minimise leakage and reduce the frequency of pipe bursts

Modulated control: provides great flexibility to modulate pressure according to demand throughout the day with changes being made remotely

Multi-point time based PRV: control without flowmeter 96 values per day, 7 days per week

Pressure failsafe: set by user on installation, including manual safe override on site

Latching solenoids: optional feature to fully open or close the PRV top chamber in tight headloss, or network fault conditions

Integrated low cost telemetry: enables rapid monitoring and remote control as required

Closed loop control: optional closed loop control automatically modulating pressure from remote critical point data

System configuration: easy to set up locally via tablet or PC app and remotely via PressView Cloud Server

Transient logging: high speed logging to 25Hz to identify network transient events

Value Performance Monitoring: logging top chamber pressure and solenoid activations to continually monitor value performance

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