Correlators For Leak Detection

Invest in the best technology when you need a reliable and efficient way to calculate the position of leaks. In 1978, Fluid Conservation Systems patented the first leak correlator in the United States. Since then, we've continued to lead the industry with six generations of innovative designs.

Our correlators analyze sound waves from at least two contact points on the opposite sides of a leak. The equipment determines the time it takes for a leak sound to travel from one contact point to another. With specifications for the pipe's materials and diameter, it calculates the leak's position accurately and quickly. 

Detect Leaks With the Tri-Corr Touch Pro 

Our Tri-Corr Touch Pro is a game-changer. With superior insight into the noise processing path, this technology provides the highest performance, even with plastic pipes, large diameters or challenging leak detection conditions. 

A compact outstation includes a long-range radio transmission secured onto metallic surfaces with a magnet. With a high contrast mode, a large screen allows good visibility at all times. The water leak correlator features these benefits:

  • Easy functionality: The touch screen includes a menu with an intuitive interface. It guides users through data entry with few key presses and provides supportive information with full-color, quality graphics throughout the correlation process. 
  • Reliable performance: The Automated Filtering Intelligence System (AFIS) can run upward of 55 automated combinations. It filters your pre-recorded and real-time correlation data to obtain the best results quickly. 
  • Robust and durable designs: The compact, portable case protects all the components while allowing you to stow the unit with connected sensors for faster deployment in the field. It uses one power lead to charge the base station and outstations — you can view their charging status at any time on the display. 

Pinpoint the Exact Area With a Ground Microphone 

After using a correlator for leak detection, the next step is to use a ground microphone to pinpoint the exact area. Our handheld devices amplify noise along contact points. We offer a few designs, each offering different features to suit your needs and preferences. 

The DXmic Pro

Our latest generation of ground microphones offers the highest sound quality. It supports audio recordings, offering an accessible way to play back leak noises with USBs. With a touchscreen display, this DXmic Pro system allows you to select various frequency filters with user-friendly operations. You can use the robust carry case as a charging station for the device. 

The S30

Our S30 system features sensors at contact points in a distribution system, like valves or hydrants. During operation, the console's analog meter indicates the noise intensity of pipes. The ground microphones amplify sound, allowing users to hear noise through the aviator-quality headphones. An operator can identify a leak's general location by listening at several points in a tested area. 

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The Lmic

Our Lmic system is ideal for general leak-sounding operations. It consists of a ground microphone and a listening stick with versatile configurations. The features come in a compact, lightweight unit that you can comfortably attach to a belt and access with simple "trigger" operations. It comes with military specification connections and rechargeable battery packs. The Lmic "i" adds electric shock prevention.

Choose to Work With Fluid Conservation Systems

Our company has the longest history with correlator designs and manufacturing in the industry. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we provide customers with the best overall performance at highly competitive prices. 

Our water leak correlators save natural resources, time and effort while reducing your percentage of non-revenue water. To learn more about the impact of leak detection, use our water leak calculator tool. 

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