HWM Helps Keep Things Flowing At Glastonbury Festival

The arrival of summer marks many things each year – the return of cricket and tennis to our shores, the frenzied covering up of every patch of green ground by people lying on it, and ‘unexpected’ rain falling on it all.  Glastonbury festival is another mainstay of the British summer, and whether drowning in mud or basking in sunshine, it involves a massive temporary migrationto the village of Pilton, where masses of music fans decamp and lay siege to the soundstages.

Despite rumours and folklore to the contrary, these festival-goers do in fact both wash and occasionally drink water rather than beer or cider, and the strain put upon the local water network is measurable.  Proving this, Bristol Water were on hand to measure and closely monitor the flow and pressure status in Pilton village and on the festival site itself.

Frank Van Der Kleij of Bristol Water said this: “In the past, there had been pressure problems when large amounts of water were used at the festival, and the datalogger information is now used to anticipate any supply problems”.  There is continuous monitoring of the water supply network at a district meter area already through HWM Centurion PSTN dataloggers, and for the duration of the event three additional HWM GSM Multilogs were deployed.  They were set up to regularly transmit vital data to an on-site office, where a team of network inspectors used the telemetry to ensure that the water supply to the local area was not adversely affected by the demands of the festival.

The weather was also apparently concerned about potential shortages, and with over-enthusiasm saw fit to supply the event with a surplus of water, delivered directly from above.

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