About Us

Reliably Transforming Water Management

Fluid Conservation Systems Inc. (FCS) stands at the forefront of water loss recovery technology within the industry.

Established in 1978, the company originally operated from Austin, Texas before relocating to Milford, Ohio, following its acquisition by Halma PLC. Now under the umbrella of Halma Water Management, FCS continues its legacy of innovation in its new headquarters, State College, PA.

Pioneering leak correlation technology, FCS secured its first U.S. patent on April 11, 1978. Over the years, this technology has advanced through six generations, culminating in the TriCorr Touch Pro. Continuous research, field application, testing, and customer feedback have driven significant performance enhancements since the inception of the patent.

For more than three decades, our core focus has been proactive leak detection. However, recent years have seen our expansion into new applications and sectors, including network monitoring, pressure modulation, sewer and stormwater monitoring, as well as river and flood monitoring. Our solutions have delivered tangible benefits, assisting our customers in saving time, resources, energy, and costs.

At FCS, we take pride in our commitment to customer support, service excellence, and responsiveness.

FCS Product Range

  • Water Network Monitoring– Leak Detection, flow, pressure, and other parameters, battery powered telemetry monitoring, pressure control
  • Waste Water Monitoring– Level, flow, and other parameters monitoring via intrinsically safe (ATEX/IEC Ex) rated battery-powered telemetry

FCS incorporates the successful product ranges of Palmer, Radcom and Radio-Tech to produce some of the world’s most advanced, accurate and easy to use wireless monitoring and measuring equipment.