RadarSens – Radar Level Sensor

The intrinsically safe level monitoring system uses radar sensing technology to deliver cost-effective, dependable, battery-powered waste water level monitoring


level monitoring technology
RadarSens + IS Log
Infiltration and Inflow
level monitoring technology
RadarSens + IS Log
Infiltration and Inflow


Cost-effective and simple to install, RadarSens is available with various stainless steel, non-drill brace bars, or conventional wall brackets for ‘right first-time’ deployment.

A laser alignment tool (supplied separately) is also available to check the device’s level and alignment correctly during rapid installation.

Sensors are configured locally via Bluetooth through our Deployment App, meaning site data (including photographs) can be uploaded and accessed remotely.

Through the app, signal strength and sensor reflection tests can be performed to significantly reduce the likelihood of call-in or poor data quality issues post-deployment.

Key Features and Benefits

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  • intrinsically safe; ATEX-certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas
  • Advanced and cost-effective radar sensor delivers precise data for measuring infiltration and inflow. 
  • remote monitoring of sensor position, data quality, and chamber temperature
  • Easy-fit stainless steel wall brackets and non-drill installation brace bars are available.
  • Drop-in laser alignment tool to ensure the sensor is positioned correctly
  • compatible with LTE-M and 2G cellular networks for future-proofing

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