Acoustic Water Leak Detection Solutions


With all the environmental challenges facing us today, doing everything we can to conserve and preserve our water is imperative. As you know, tens of thousands of leaks go undetected, equating to a staggering 6 billion gallons of water loss daily in the United States. To help combat this water loss, we have developed a program that provides you with the tools and knowledge to help find those undetected leaks. Our program is Leak Detection Pilot Program, and we want to partner with you.

How Does The Program Work?

Our Leak Detection Pilot Program aims to deploy PermaNET SU’s  in cities with 10K – 100K+ population for the period of one month to help your utility find undetected leaks and improve your NRW loss.

The primary objective will be establishing the feasibility and effectiveness of the acoustic water leak detector deployment for your population. At the same time, we are evaluating and measuring potential leaks, cost benefits, and resource efficiencies.