Acoustic Leak Detection

When you need monitoring solutions for your water network, you can count on Fluid Conservation Systems. With over 40 years of experience, we’re an industry leader in underground water pipe leak detection equipment. Our advanced technology comes with more sensitivity than the human ear and provides reliable monitoring to detect leaks with next-level speed. 

Why Monitoring for Leaks Is Important

As infrastructures age and deteriorate, many leaks go undetected. In the United States, a water main break happens every two minutes. These incidents result in an estimated loss of six billion gallons of treated water daily. Fortunately, our water leak detection saves natural resources, time and effort, energy, and costs. 

How to Calculate the Cost of Your Leaks

At Fluid Conservation Systems, we’re dedicated to providing resources and information about leaks. To learn the overall impact of your leaks, fill out our water leak calculator with details about pipe breaks and related expenses. We calculate the savings you could experience when you have the right equipment to detect leaks early on.

Our Types of Acoustic Pipeline Leak Detection 

Acoustic water leak detectors are the go-to solutions for mobile data retrieval. The cellular collection provides real-time data about your water flow and pipelines, 24/7. The technology sends instant alerts when a leak is detected. 

The solutions remove the need for “drive-by” data retrieval and expensive site visits. Instead, digital monitoring allows you to identify the status of each logger with a map on your system’s dashboard, providing next-level convenience. When a leak is detected digitally, a team can follow secondary measures to confirm the leak, correlate the position and take action.

PermaNet SU 

Our PermaNet SU system is a correlating noise logger. It consists of a leak noise sensor and 4G LTE cellular communications with the following features:

  • Compact and durable design: This equipment comes in a single, compact unit. It’s built for smaller and more challenging environments with a durable construction that’s 100% waterproof with a rating tested at a 10-meter depth over 24 hours.
  • Convenient data collection: A proven PermaNet algorithm calculates your leak data. The information transmits through the 4G LTE cellular connectivity, removing the need to visit in person to retrieve information.
  • Installation confirmation: A daily check confirms the logger orientation and triggers an alarm if a problem is detected. A secondary validation includes remote audio file recordings of leaks, remote correlation to localize leak positions, and Aqualog’s noise histogram to reduce false positives.
  • User-friendly platform: The system works with the Deployment app. Some features are compatible with the PermaNet Web for data viewing and analysis access, displays of a GIS map, full audio, and correlation facilities. 

PermaNet+ TM

Our PermaNet+ Trunk Main (TM) system continuously monitors sensitive pipelines. It consists of a Hydrophone sensor and telemetry data technology with these benefits: 

  • Durable design with easy installation: This equipment is fully sealed and submersible with high-performance hydrophones for long-distance detection and external antennas to improve signal strength. The general packet radio service (GPRS) is easy to set up on 3G cellular networks. 
  • Remote monitoring and tracking: A proven Permalog algorithm calculates and transmits the leak data through cellular connectivity. The system uses Google Maps technology to provide on-screen tracking remotely. 
  • Identification and alerts: The technology sends an alarm if it senses an issue. With live tracking, a team can identify the problem areas and respond to control a situation quickly. 
  • Secondary validation: Secondary measures can check for false positives. The Aqualog offers a way to retrieve audio files of the graphic noise and correlate remotely, validating if a leak is present or not. 


Our Permalog® system enables water suppliers to continuously monitor areas of their distribution system and locate leaks efficiently. The units include installations on pipe fittings, strong magnets, and replaceable batteries. They provide the following benefits:

  • Durable technology: These systems are immersion-tested, proving they’ll work even in flooded chambers. The loggers allow water suppliers to monitor 100% of their distribution system at all times. 
  • Fast alerts about potential leaks: When a potential leak is detected, an alarm transmits a radio signal to indicate the conditions. Responders can locate the leaks in the water network and resolve issues. 
  • Extended logging functionality: The Permalog+ includes an Aqualog, which records noise at preset intervals over extended periods. The system captures a history of noise trends with up to 29 days of storage capacity, and graph formats allow you to distinguish clearly between the leak and non-leak sounds. 
  • Versatile access to data: You can send the data from a radio to a moving patrol vehicle, transmit it to an office computer, or connect it to an AMR/AMI infrastructure. You can also remove the loggers from the ground manually. 

Other Solutions for Leak Detection

In 1978, Fluid Conservation Systems was the first organization to patent leak correlation technology in the U.S. Since then, we’ve created six generations of correlators that monitor water flow through pipelines. They close a valve and cut off the water flow when they detect abnormal behavior. 

To explore our innovative correlators, check out our Tri-Corr Touch Pro design. It can detect leaks on various pipes and delivers high-quality, long-range telemetry. It includes an automatic filtering intelligence system (AFIS) with 55 filter combinations to optimize the results.

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