Permalog®: Revolutionizing Water Leak Detection

Permalog® presents a solution for water utilities, facilitating swift and efficient leak detection within water networks. Our cutting-edge loggers are strategically deployed throughout the distribution system, providing continuous monitoring to help locate leaks promptly. Easily affixed to pipe fittings, these loggers are secured in place by magnets and powered by batteries. Upon detecting a potential leak, the Permalog® unit enters an alarm state, transmitting a radio signal to indicate a “LEAK” condition, ensuring your team can take immediate action.

The reliability and resilience of Permalog® technology have been tested and proven in some of the most challenging environments. Our loggers are rigorously immersion-tested to IP68 standards, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation even in flooded chambers. With Permalog®, water utilities can confidently and effectively monitor their distribution system, swiftly reducing leakage and optimally maintaining it.


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person tightening bolt on blue pipe
person tightening bolt on blue pipe

Enhanced Functionality with Permalog+

Permalog+ features Aqualog extended logging functionality. This advanced system records noise at preset intervals over an extended period, storing up to twenty-nine days of level and spread history. Users can effortlessly distinguish between leak and non-leak noise by analyzing noise trends presented in graph format, empowering informed decision-making and precise action.

Versatile Deployment Options

Permalog® offers flexible deployment options to suit diverse needs, whether permanent, semi-permanent, or survey-based. Our system responds rapidly, improving service delivery to customers while automating leak surveying processes, ensuring leaks that would otherwise be missed are promptly identified and addressed. With loggers that can be swiftly deployed and reused without extensive digging or pipe drilling, Permalog® streamlines operations, saving time and resources.

Permalog Kit: Empowering Your Leak Detection Efforts

Our 10-pack Permalog Kit is ideal for NRW (Non-Revenue Water) loss management needs. This comprehensive kit allows for seamless deployment, easy movement of loggers, and a monitoring solution, all conveniently housed in one case. Designed to work seamlessly with our Tri-Corr and ground microphones, the Permalog Kit streamlines leak detection processes, ensuring efficient and accurate results. Ideal for lift-and-shift or initial deployment scenarios, this kit empowers you to optimize your leak detection efforts, saving valuable time and resources.

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Market Dependent: Varying Sizes for Aerial Used

Height to Top of TNC:

123mm, width: 50mm width

Weight 700 grams


Battery Life

Typically five years depending on the mode of operation

Ip Rating IP68

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