Hydrophone 2

Hydrophone 2

Designed for use with our full range of correlators and acoustic leak loggers, Hydrophone 2 is an all-new high-performance sensor that delivers unrivaled leak detection performance.  It is particularly effective in plastic pipes where leak noise is low-frequency and in situations where fittings are a distance apart, such as on transfer and rural mains.

The all-new Hydrophone 2 sensor contains upgraded amplification circuitry, delivering a huge improvement in sensitivity to low-frequency noise on plastic and trunk mains. 

Hydrophone 2 has been designed to be flexible, with a range of adapters available to ensure easy connection to meter manifolds, hydrants and other suitable connections worldwide. 

Hydrophone 2 also features a push-fit pressure monitoring connection for bleeding and the attachment of a pressure sensor.  This means that when connected to our Multilog LX TM data logger, leak noise and pressure (transients) can be monitored simultaneously.  

This dual-parameter, single-fitting monitoring is particularly useful for transfer and rural mains with limited fittings.

person tightening bolt on blue pipe
person tightening bolt on blue pipe
person tightening bolt on blue pipe
person tightening bolt on blue pipe

Hydrophone 2

The all-new Hydrophone 2 is an advanced leak noise sensor that is proven to deliver significantly increased performance on plastic pipes and trunk mains.

Extremely sensitive and ideal for detecting low-frequency leak noise, Hydrophone 2 excels in difficult larger diameter and non-metallic pipelines.


  • High performance: increased leak detection and correlation performance over long pipe lengths, larger diameters and non-metallic pipes
  • Sensitive: highly sensitive to low-frequency noise
  • Advanced: all new sensor and amplification circuitry provides a step change in performance on plastic and trunk mains
  • Accurate: allows leaks to be detected and pinpointed in situations where standard accelerometers will not.
  • Versatile: screws directly into Aptlas/boundary box fittings: compatible with a range of hydrant adapters and other pressure-enabled fittings
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Touch Pro correlators and PermaNET+ acoustic loggers
  • Pressure monitoring: includes additional push-fit pressure monitoring point as standard

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