Deployment App

Our Deployment App was developed to obtain the logger details in a faster and more reliable manner by scanning the barcode of the logger, and pulling associated data from Datagate.

The app also provides accurate GPS locations for each deployed device using smartphone capabilities. These two actions ensure accurate logger details are combined with precise location, minimizing error and speeding deployment.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Interface: The Deployment App is simple to use.

  • Automatic Data Entry: Barcode scanning simplifies data entry, eliminating errors such as mistyping the SIM number, serial number, or other critical deployment information.

  • Accurate Location: The deployment app provides accurate GPS coordinates about the device’s location.

  • Installation Images: Photos of the installation site can be saved on the App and uploaded.

  • Automatic Upload: All the data accumulated from a scan and installation is sent to DataGate. If no connection can be made, the logger data is saved to the device and uploaded on the next available connection.

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