Wastewater leak detection identifies and locates leaks in sewer systems and treatment plants, leveraging various techniques — sensors, visual inspections and acoustic devices. Active monitoring is a critical component of wastewater leak detection.

Importance of Monitoring and Managing Leaks in Wastewater Networks

Monitoring and managing wastewater networks is crucial to maintaining system efficiency and mitigating environmental harm. Effectively managing leaks allows wastewater networks to operate more sustainably, decreasing energy consumption and conserving water resources.

Using technology to monitor networks regularly helps operators detect leaks early, reduces infrastructure repair costs, and stops wastewater from contaminating water sources.

Fluid Conservation Systems Wastewater Leak Detection Solutions

We have been the pioneers and industry leaders in leak detection for over four decades. We offer a range of technologically advanced solutions to streamline the monitoring and management of wastewater networks.

1. RadarSens

The RadarSens monitoring system uses radar sensing technology for reliable and cost-effective wastewater management. The system offers:

  • Enhanced remote monitoring: Seamlessly adjust the sensor position, chamber temperature and data quality remotely. 
  • Intrinsically safe operation: The system is ATEX-certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas.
  • Greater data precision: The advanced radar sensor provides precise data for measuring inflow and infiltration. 

2. SonicSens 3

The SonicSens 3 is used for multiple applications and has low maintenance requirements. The SonicSens 3 features:

  • A smart-tech sensor: The intelligent sensor integrates with our telemetry data loggers, offering the latest dial-in features and alarm system.
  • A robust design: The sensor is fully waterproof and has an exceptionally long battery life of five years. 
  • Extensive certification: The SonicSens is certified for use in Zone 0 areas. 

3. SpillSens

The SpillSens is a cost-effective, multialarm system. The solution provides:

  • Three alert levels: The digital float sensor will notify you of green, amber or red alerts, depending on the angle of the sensor. 
  • Durable design: The robust material protects the sensor against long-term exposure to wastewater environments. 
  • Online monitoring: Monitor and view data online leveraging SpillGuard technology. 

4. IS Log

The IS Log is a highly versatile, cost-efficient multiapplication solution. Key benefits include:

  • Intrinsic safety: IS Log is certified to use in ATEX/IECEx Zone 0 or explosive environments. 
  • Diverse capabilities: The solution is compatible with various sensors, such as depth transducers, flood alerts and ultrasonic sensors. 
  • Seamless integration: The system easily integrates with third-party software applications. 

5. Intelligens WW

The Intelligens WW is an industry-leading data logging system featuring multiple sensors. The system offers:

  • Advanced functionality: The system can be combined with other inputs, such as digital float alarms and depth and pressure sensors. 
  • Improved visibility: The Intelligens WW comprises an advanced telemetry data logger and SonicSens 3 sensor, transmitting data via GPRS. 
  • Easy installation: Intelligens WW has intuitive configuration software to allow operators to set flow rates easily. 

6. Intelligens Flow

The Intelligens Flow is a flow monitoring system ideal for various wastewater applications. The system provides:

  • A rugged design: The system components are outfitted with a robust stainless steel 316 framework.
  • Combination sensors: Intelligens Flow uses various sensors to record. The advanced sensor also reports signal loss issues and allows for remote troubleshooting. 
  • Exceptional battery life: The replaceable battery pack allows data collection and transmission over five years under standard conditions. 

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Prioritizing wastewater leak detection and management is critical to ensure your networks’ integrity, performance and environmental soundness. Fluid Conservation Systems has been the go-to business for reliable water management solutions since 1978. 

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