Water Pressure Management

Controlling and regulating the pressure in the water distribution network saves resources and reduces the level of non-revenue water (NRW) loss. Pressure management is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective leakage management activities that can have an immediate impact.

What Is Water Pressure Management?

Water pressure management is the control of water pressure in distribution systems. It is a critical component of NRW reduction. This reduction reduces the over-pressurization of water pressure at specific times on the aging pipe network, leading to fewer leaks and damage from fluctuating pressures.

Why Is Water Pressure Management Vital?

Pressure management is important for environmental and water conservation, decreasing leak flow rates and consumption components. Water pressure management is also vital in providing water utilities and customers with energy savings, chemical use reductions, reducing bursts and leaks. Fewer leaks and damage mean fewer repairs, reinstatement costs, minimizes public liability and negative publicity. 

Water pressure management also means active leakage control, deferred infrastructure renewals and the extension of the asset life of all service and main connections. This increased longevity impacts distribution and customer service connections, resulting in fewer customer complaints.

Add in the capability of monitoring flow right along with Pressure monitoring or modulation control and you exponentially increase the savings on all fronts.  These two tools combined are being found to combat the increasing growing addition of softer pipes in distribution systems which are already hard to listen to acoustically for leaks. Allowing agencies of any size to actively approach NRW loss.   

Fluid Conservation Systems Water Management Solutions

Fluid Conservation Systems has over four decades of experience, pioneering various solutions in the industry.

Multilog LX2

The Multilog LX2 is a highly versatile, battery-operated cellular data logger. This powerful logging solution provides effective transmission and data recording, delivering:

  • Pulse interval timing: The Multilog LX2 streamlines reading set times of infrequent pulses.
  • Versatile and rapid logging: The solution offers two-time digital flow inputs and one-time analog input with fast logging. 
  • Multiple and detailed readings: Get a mixture of minimum, maximum and spot values in each sample interval, with the ability to investigate pressure spikes rapidly. 

Pegasus 2

The Pegasus 2 delivers a state-of-the-art pressure control system, leveraging an innovative modem for reliable, efficient communication. Pegasus 2 offers:

  • Advanced telemetry: LTE-M cellular communications provide accelerated, accurate data transfer. 
  • Intelligent pressure control: The smart tech significantly reduces pipe bursts and leakage. 
  • Pressure Transient Monitoring: sampling at 25Hz. 
  • Modulated control: Benefit from enhanced flexibility and adjust the pressure according to demand remotely throughout the day. 
    • Timed Control
    • Flow Control 
    • Critical Point Control

Sentinel 2

The Sentinel 2 is an effective two-point controller with an innovative modem, making the latest telemetry and data-logging capabilities accessible. The unit provides:

  • Full data reporting: Leveraging the LTE-M and NBIoT connections, you get robust data reporting and logging capabilities.
  • Advanced remote access: Authorized operators can change settings and access real-time monitoring from anywhere with advanced remote control capabilities.
  • Dual control system: Seamlessly switch from high to low pressure and reverse on time or according to flow. You can make the switch remotely and benefit from enhanced telemetry reporting.

Pressure Transient

The Pressure Transient offers fast logging to determine pressure transients in the distribution network, transmitting timely data about the event to operators. Key benefits include:

  • Accelerated logging: Rapid logging capabilities allow fast identification and remediation of transients, mitigating bursts and infrastructure damage. 
    • Dual Sampling
      • 25Hz
      • 100HZ
  • Robust design: The unit features a robust IP68 case for long-term field deployment
  • Versatile application: You can add flow and pressure channels along with other network parameters for comprehensive transient and general network monitoring.


Fluid Conversation Systems’ PressView software is a web-based platform that streamlines managing Pegasus and Pressure controllers. Key features include:

  • Remote control of PRV controllers
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Automated pressure setting to reduce valve operation 
  • Specific control profiles for irregular events
  • Optimal water pressure control to minimize leakage

Learn More About Our Pressure Management Solutions

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