Bmic is an easy-to-use electronic leak monitoring tool that can clip onto your pants or belt. It is ideal for general water leak detection operations. 

The lightweight unit will: 

  • Confirm the position of underground leaks audibly from the ground level.

  • Sound pipe fittings (with optional hand probe)

  • Carry out traditional acoustic surveys.

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The Bmic system allows for simple one-handed operation. The compact unit attaches comfortably to a belt, allowing you to hold the “elephant’s foot” microphone while still being able to operate it efficiently. This microphone provides superior sound quality due to its windproof housing, almost eliminating background noise. The system can also work with an optional hand probe to directly contact accessible pipes.


  • Easy to use: lightweight and one-handed operation

  • Surface sound: elephants foot microphone for surface sounding (optional)

  • Flexible: optional hand-probe for direct contact sounding on pipes and fittings

  • Excellent acoustic performance: The microphone allows for superior sound quality due to the
    wind-proof housing

  • Hands-free: belt-mounted control unit

  • Robust: field-proof design

  • User-friendly: minimal button operation for ease of use

  • Rechargeable: overnight battery charge

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