PermaNET Web

PermaNET Web

PermaNET Web is a secure, web-based portal designed to remotely identify network leakage.

PermaNET Web can be used with multiple loggers and provides the user with numerous ways to view selected data by supporting acoustic correlation, leak detection, and logger location.

identification of network leakage
identification of network leakage

PermaNET Web



  • Two-way communication: local and remote logger parameter settings
  • AI-driven technology: automatic identification and categorization of electrical noise within leak audio recordings.
  • Auto processing: interference and external noise filtering
  • Time synchronization: automated synchronization from remote data server and network
  • Data Security: The firewall is locked down to used ports only.  Users have separate logins and locational access.  Regular updates and penetration testing
  • Compatible: supported by all major web browsers
  • Noise Filtering: auto-processing for equalization, frequency correlation, and coherence
  • Cost and Time Efficient: remote leak noise listening
  • Alarm Profiles: alarm available via e-mail
  • Audio Data Recording: audio data is sent to the server if a leak is present

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