Leak Detection

Acoustic Leak Detectors

Acoustic Leak Detectors reduce leakage levels and operating costs simultaneously by monitoring large areas of the water network quickly and effectively. The results enable water suppliers to reduce leakage cost-effectively and to maintain these low levels at minimal cost. Acoustic Leak Detectors are designed to detect and localize leaks through permanent or lift-and-shift installations.  They are more sensitive than the human ear and listen for leaks during the night when back background noise is low.  These include PermaNet SU, PermaNET+TM, and the Permalog+.  


Correlators analyze the sound waves received at two or more contact points (e.g. valves) located on opposite sides of a leak. The correlator determines the time delay between when the leak sound arrives at the closer contact point versus the further contact point and uses this time delay, along with user-specified parameters for the pipe material and diameter, to calculate the position of the leak. This includes the Tri-Corr Touch Pro. 

Ground Microphones

Ground Microphones are handheld devices that amplify leak noise for manual checks along contact points (e.g., valves) and are used to pinpoint the exact location.  The DXmic Pro has various frequency filters and a touch screen.  The S30 has an analog meter with aviator-quality headphones.  The LMic is a listening stick and ground microphone combined, and the BMic allows for simple one-handed operation as the compact unit is designed to attach comfortably to a belt.

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