HWM helps P.N. Daly to achieve record reduction in water leakage

HWM helps P.N. Daly to achieve record reduction in water leakage

Utility service provider P.N. Daly has reduced water leakage to an all-time low in south London with the aid of HWM’s leak detection equipment. In a separate project in Guildford, HWM noise loggers have helped P.N. Daly to save 5Ml of water a day.

“HWM’s kit has helped us to achieve a record reduction in water leakage in the south London area,” said Tony Gwynne, national manager at P.N. Daly.

P.N. Daly carried out a year-long project on behalf of Thames Water in London and Guildford. Focusing mainly on areas with cast iron pipes, the company used 580 Permalog®+ noise loggers from HWM in a lift-and-shift data collection mode to enable rapid deployment.

On average, HWM’s equipment enabled the six-person noise-logging team to identify 299 leaks a month, of which 232 proved genuine, a 78 per cent conversion rate.

“We had a choice of suppliers, but we decided that for our process in south London we really wanted the Permalog+ equipment,” Tony explained. “We knew that it was a reliable piece of kit and that it would give us what we needed as an acoustic logging technique.”

As part of an improvement programme in Guildford, Permalog+ helped to reduce leakage from 17 Ml to 12 Ml a day, the lowest target Guildford has achieved for several years.

P.N. Daly is currently using Permalog+ in Birmingham, with encouraging results.

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