IDT (Mobile Devices)

PermaNET+, the IDT App, is an installation tool that allows you to deploy PermaNet+ equipment quickly and reliably. By simply scanning the barcode of a logger, all data associated with an installation is captured and placed in DataGate, including accurate GPS location. This removes errors in positioning PermaNET+ within the network while allowing for rapid deployment of an entire logging fleet. The IDT App is designed to work with PermaNET+ but can be used with any other product that features an installation barcode to ensure rapid, reliable datalogger deployment. With this App and a pre-programmed PermaNET+ unit, installation is as simple as swiping the unit with a magnet to activate it, scanning the barcode with the deployment App, and finally fitting the unit within the network.



The PermaNET+ IDT App requires login with installation credentials to maintain system security.
Once logged in, the user scans the logger barcode and fills in the required fields before uploading it to the server. No typing is required, with all fields filled in using the predetermined list of options. This reduces errors, increasing the successful installation rate.