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Fluid Conservation Systems Inc. (FCS) is the North American industry leader in water loss recovery technology.

Established in 1978, the company relocated from its Austin, Texas roots to Milford, Ohio. The move was precipitated by the acquisition of FCS by Halma PLC. FCS is now part of Halma Water Management.

FCS was the first organization to patent leak correlation technology in the United States on April 11, 1978. Since that time, six generations of correlators have evolved leading to the TriCorr Touch Pro. Ongoing research and development, field application, field testing and extensive customer feedback has resulted in dramatic performance improvements since the initial patent.

Our primary focus for over 30 years has been proactive leak detection, however in the last few years we have expanded into new applications and sectors which include network distribution system monitoring, pressure modulation, sewer and storm water monitoring, river and flood monitoring. Our solutions have had a significant impact in helping our customers save time, effort, natural resources, energy and cost.

FCS staff pride themselves on customer support, service and responsiveness.

FCS Product Range

Water Network Monitoring- Leak Detection, flow, pressure, and other parameters, battery powered telemetry monitoring, pressure control

Waste Water Monitoring- Level, flow, and other parameters monitoring via intrinsically safe (ATEX/IEC Ex) rated battery-powered telemetry

Gas Network Monitoring- Network monitoring, regulation station monitoring, flow monitoring via intrinsically safe (ATEX/IEC Ex) rated battery-powered telemetry

Automatic Meter Reading

Facilities Optimization- Energy monitoring, building performance, temperature, humidity, CO2 legionella compliance, lab facilities monitoring

FCS incorporates the successful product ranges of Palmer, Radcom and Radio-Tech to produce some of the world's most advanced, accurate and easy to use wireless monitoring and measuring equipment. Our manufacturing facilities and head office are based in the UK.

Total Solutions

Our combined experience, technical expertise and unrivalled technology have made us world leaders within the water and energy management industries with a reputation for innovation, quality and service. With over thirty years experience we are committed to delivering an outstanding return on investment to utilities, contractors, consultants and facilities managers.

FCS can offer the complete turnkey solution including installation, data delivery exports and viewing platforms, enabling reliable meter reading and energy management.

Our Customers

Our customers include major US utilities, facilities managers, subcontractors for leak detection and engineering firms.

Global Distribution Network

Throughout our history, we have established solid working relationships with strategic partners and distributors. 

We currently have 4 authorized distributors that cover the US.  Our distributors are trained to provide our customers with the same high standards of service and support that we offer all over the world. Our products are used successfully throughout the world in many different climates and conditions.

With customer satisfaction at the heart of our core values, we invest heavily to ensure that our products are well supported through both direct and indirect channels, no matter where in the world they are used. Working within this proven business model, we have been able to foster a close and personal understanding of our customers' needs and market demands, which helps shape the direction of our business.

Committed to Innovation

FCS has a proven commitment to innovation. We produce some of the world's most advanced, accurate and easy to use water and energy management equipment, and invest heavily in our Research and Development Departments (Halma Water Management) to ensure that our customers continue to receive the best available technology and the finest quality design at the lowest possible cost.

Quality Assurance

FCS has an established documented internationally recognized Quality Management System. We are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered. These provide framework for controlling the impacts of our activities, products and services on the environment, and enable us to continually improve our performance in this important area.

FCS is committed to providing the highest possible standards of service from design to production and customer support. We aim to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction by supplying products that are designed “fit for purpose” - rugged and robust for intensive field use.

Servicing Care

Our commitment to quality does not end with a successful purchase. We provide comprehensive after sales care to ensure that capital investment continues to deliver excellent results for many years to come. 

Our equipment is warranted by FCS to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and we provide a dedicated Technical Support Team, extended warranty options and a commitment to support the repair and maintenance of products for a minimum of ten years from the purchase date of the equipment.


At FCS we recognize that, in addition to producing quality products, the skill of the operator is also vital to achieve the best possible results. Consequently, we place a high priority on training and offer a wide range of courses which can be tailored to customer specific requirements.  The result is improved efficiency, greater confidence and cost savings.

We provide training in all aspects of water management including an introduction to leak detection, data logging, pressure control, noise correlation, step testing, permanently installed leak monitoring systems, rapid area leak surveys and flowmeters. We can also tailor courses to your own specific requirements. Please click here for more information.

A Halma Company

FCS is part of HWM-Water Ltd (Private Limited Company) wholly owned subsidiary of Halma Plc, a UK based business listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.   

Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies with a clear purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day.


Our History

Date Event
1979 Reten Acoustics develops a range of industrial sound level meters and analysis equipment for the water industry
1984 Radcom develops a market leading range of data logging and environmental monitoring equipment
1985 Reten Acoustics creates one of the first truly portable leak correlators (the RA9851)
1988 Palmer develops the first MicroCorr correlator.
1991 Reten Acoustics moves its operation from Newport, UK to a new production facility adjoining a sixteenth century former farmhouse in Cwmbran, UK. Their product range now includes Elan and Aquatec correlators and the MAST step testing system.
1993 Radio-Tech begins selling low power radio technology solutions to the water industry
1994 Radio-Tech diversifies into other sectors to create innovative electronic point of sale, temperature monitoring and meter reading solutions.
1995 Wessex Electronics Consultants begins to manufacture data logging and pressure control equipment
1995 Reten Acoustics and Palmer merge to become Palmer Environmental Ltd
1995 Production of Palmer products moves from Great Yarmouth to the Reten factory in Cwmbran, UK
1995 Radio Tech develops the concept of the transparent modem – to satisfy the need of real time data transport without the traditional buffer delay
1999 Palmer launches the ground breaking Permalog leak noise logger, quickly hailed as the most significant advance in leak detection since the correlator.
2000 Palmer acquires Wessex Electronics Consultants
2000 Production of Wessex equipment moves from Romsey to the Palmer factory in Cwmbran, UK
2000 Palmer begins the international marketing of the ControlMate pressure controller
2000 Palmer acquires Fluid Conservation Systems (based in Ohio, USA)
2001 Palmer introduces the first fully digital leak correlator system, the MicroCorr Digital
2003 Palmer and Radcom become sister companies within the Halma group, and Palmer begins to actively promote Radcom products
2003 Palmer launches the Xmic ground microphone with minimum level profiling and a graphical display for improved accuracy and ease of use.
2004 Radcom launches the ground breaking ultrasonic level measurement device SonicSens
2005 Radio-Tech pioneers long range integrated radio technology and obtains an exclusive operating frequency at 153.1 MHz
2006 Radio-Tech joins the Halma group
2007 Palmer and Radcom begin to promote themselves jointly as Halma Water Management
2010 Palmer and Radcom officially merge to become HWM-Water Ltd
2010 Production of Radcom products moves from Romsey to the Palmer factory in Cwmbran, UK
2010 HWM launches Datagate, a secure web hosted data server designed to handle large volumes of SMS/GPRS traffic from Radcom data loggers
2010 HWM launches the world’s first touch screen correlator, the MicroCorr Touch
2011 Radio-Tech becomes part of HWM-Water Ltd
2011 Production of Radio-Tech products moves from Harlow, UK to the HWM factory in Cwmbran, UK
2013 ASL Holdings becomes part of HWM-Water Ltd


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