PermaNET SU is the innovative new correlating noise logger from FCS.  Retaining the industry leading features of the PermaNET+ system, PermaNET SU combines a leak noise sensor and 4G LTE cellular communications technology into a compact single unit.

Designed specifically for smaller and more challenging installation environments, PermaNET SU is robust and durable.

PermaNET SU is fully compatible with PermaNET Web, the online data viewing and analysis platform, combining to provide GIS map-based display and full audio and correlation facilities.



Once installed, leak data is calculated using the proven PermaNET algorithm, with all information transmitted via low cost 4G LTE cellular connectivity. This removes the requirement for expensive site visits and “drive by” data retrieval.

PermaNET SU allows leakage teams to monitor the status of each logger deployed from a map based web dashboard any internet enabled device.

Once the presence of a leak has been identified, secondary measures can be used to check and remove ‘false positives’ and correlate the position of the leak.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Single compact unit: combines leak noise sensor and 4G LTE cellular communications into a single compact unit
  • Robust and durable: designed specifically for smaller and more challenging installation environments
  • Quick response: enables leakage teams to respond quickly to specific locations when a leak is detected
  • Installation confirmation: daily check to confirm logger orientation; will alarm if a problem is detected
  • Secondary validation: 
    • Aqualog - detailed noise histogram to reduce 'false positives'
    • Remote leak audio file recordings
    • Remote correlation to localize leak position
  • Fully waterproof: the IP68 rating has been tested at 10m depth over a 24 hour period
  • Easy to use: compatible with the Deployment app. Select features can be programmed through PermaNET Web
  • PermaNET Web: software supports: -
    • Correlation
    • Map view
    • Aqualog
    • Select GIS file formats
    • Remote configuration
    • Filtering
  • External antennas: for improved signal strength (contact FCS for more information)
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