WebCorr is a mobile application that delivers rapid in-field correlation of data collected by PCorr+ data
loggers. Requiring no internet connection or DataGate account, WebCorr uses wireless connectivity to retrieve data (via Patroller 4) and quickly provides correlation of leak noise to effectively locate leaks.
WebCorr can also be used to view data gathered from Permalog+ devices. For customers with DataGate accounts, additional web-enabled features are available through connectivity to PermaNET Web.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Wireless connectivity: data quickly transferred wirelessly via Patroller 4 for rapid access
  • Sound recordings: in-field access to PCorr+ sound files for quick and effective correlation
  • Manual Intelligent Filtering System: simple access to multiple Band Filter options for accurate filtering
  • Time synchronisation: to ensure accuracy of correlation
  • Mixed materials: drop-down list of pipe material and pipe length options for maximum accuracy
  • Software requirements: compatible with Android and
    iOS devices
  • Aqualog: detailed noise histogram with up to 28 days of sampling data
  • Map View: compatible with Google Maps; provides visual representation of logger network
  • Export data: ability to conveniently export data for e-mail and other transfer methods
  • Lift & Shift: ability to quickly and effectively relocate loggers across the network
  • Extended noise sampling: to support deployment in difficult or troublesome locations

In ‘stand-alone’ mode, WebCorr can be used to configure PCorr+ and Permalog+ data loggers, listen to sound files recorded by PCorr+ devices and correlate recordings with results delivered in graph format.

The built-in Manual Intelligent Filter System (MIFS) provides a variety of different Band Filter options, helping users to quickly and accurately locate leaks.

Additional features available through connectivity with PermaNET Web include DMA clusters, GIS integration, leak ranking, installation database, communications monitoring and full remote re-programming.

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