Pressure Transient

Pressure Transient

Accelerated logging with remote telemetry

Fast logging to identify and address pressure transients in the distribution network has become accepted practice. However, due to the large volumes of data involved to date this has been a survey and manual download operation.    

With advances in GPRS/3G communication and innovative ‘event window selection’ (EWS) the operator can now send transient alarm information and a selectable window of fast logged data before and after the event, or for set time based windows.

Network transient logging is no longer a purely survey operation but can now be part of permanent network monitoring as for standard flow and pressure logging. Transients are immediately identified so remedial action can be taken, avoiding burst and infrastructure damage.

Versatile (Enhanced Network Logging)

Flow and pressure channels can be added to log other network parameters (Enhanced Network Logging), for comprehensive transient and general network monitoring. Sampling can be operator selected through a wide range of options to 100 samples per second. The full range of FCS external battery packs can be connected to power accelerated dial in regimes and extended periods of maximum sample rate. These can simply be exchanged on site as required.

Robust and Upgraded

The unit is supplied in a rugged IP68 case designed for long term field deployment. The external pressure sensor supplied as standard is 0.1% accuracy calibrated and rated to 30 bar allowing for high level transient events. The local communications have been upgraded to high speed USB for faster download of the upgrade 4GB flash non volatile memory.


  • Fast logging capability – up to 100 times per second, ideal for transient monitoring changes
  • GPRS transmission of data
  • EWS – Event Window Selection to select data around  transient for transmission
  • Flash memory 4GB – 130 weeks at 25/second
  • Completely submersible (IP68)
  • External battery packs to support accelerated logging & dial-in regimes
  • Long Life
  • Specialist software supplied to enable detailed analysis
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