Sentinel 2

Sentinel 2 is an effective two-point controller which, through the inclusion of our innovative modem (capable of connecting via LTE-M and NBIoT) benefits from the latest data logging and telemetry capability to deliver full data reporting and the ability to change settings remotely.

The Sentinel 2 unit switches between high/low pressure, by time or flow, to provide simple, effective pressure optimization when demand changes. The standard unit also logs input and output pressure, together with flow if a meter is available. The advanced logging capabilities of Sentinel 2 includes Pseudo and fast logging capability.

Two-point control is commonly used when simple switching is sufficient to provide savings and when the network situation is not suitable, or does not justify full contol via Pegasus 2.


Key Features and Benefits

Telemetry: NBIoT and LTE-M cellular communications available, delivering reliable data transfer Compatible with DataGate, PressView and Radwin software: for data trending, reporting, analysis and archiving

Two-point control: switching HI/LO on time or flow, with full telemetry reporting and remote control

One output channel: for controlling a latching type pilot solenoid or electrical relay

Failsafe: hydraulic circuit is designed to avoid the main PRV from closing completely, or permitting extra pressure

Fully waterproof: the IP68 rating has been tested at 10m depth over a 24 hour period

Long term monitoring: typical 5 year battery life

Flexible: pressure can be changed from High to Low or vice versa

Large memory: primary recordings 179,760 readings

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